Thanks for your interest in "Stryker Hot Rod SVO". www.strykerhotrod.com is a place were you can see cool shop vehicles being built, local customer vehicles being customized, as well as one off custom parts in design and prototype process. 

These parts are available for sale at" Stryker Hot Rod Parts LLC" www.strykerparts.com.  Stryker employees are all around custom car, truck and motorcycle nuts. Stryker hopes you watch our team and see how truly obsessed the crew is with high quality parts and builds. Stryker wants you to be proud of  the parts you recive.  Build your dream ride today with Stryker Hot Rod.

Originally AVMG USA INC, in 2019 a rare opportunity arose to purchase an AVMG dealer.  With this newly acquired staff, Stryker now has exciting new capabilities.

Watch the cool builds from SVO on www.strykerhotrod.com

Purchase Stryker Hot Rod parts at www.strykerparts.com 

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A full service custom fabrication shop know for high quality auto interiors and motorcycle seats.


During the customization and build process, Stryker SVO designs one of a kind parts and accessories.

Custom Builds "SVO"

In order to showcase new Stryker Hot Rod products, the team builds high end vehicles to show and display through SVO(Special Vehicle Operations). 


Stryker manufactures low production high quality vehicles, parts & accessories. 


Stryker parts are available at http://www.strykerparts.com or in person at the Middlefield Connecticut Location. 

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